The world of the motor carrier and trucking can be a pretty tough business environment. Regulations especially from the DOT and FMCSA, drug testing, state laws, and much, much combine to make actually truck driving the least worrisome aspect of driving a truck for a living. The DOT (Department of Transportation) and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) are charged with regulating the truck driving industry and with that comes regulations. Lots and lots of regulations. Hours of Service, Drug testing, fuel taxes, driving permits, logistics, safety are just some of the things that professional truck drivers and truck driving companies must deal with each and every day.

Well, that all just became a little easier, because FMCSA DOT is here to help you navigate the inner-workings of the world of the motor carrier. Stay tuned to this website because we are working hard to provide answers to all your trucking related questions. Truck safety, permits, HOS, CDL requirements, driver logs and more just got easier. Be sure to visit DOT FMCSA often because we will be continually adding content and information to help you navigate the world of trucking. ?

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